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My book is available for pre-order!!*


*It doesn't come out till June, but still . . . it's available for pre-order.


Regarding this election . . .

. . . I have only one thing to say, and I think I'll let Tom Servo say it for me.


Oh, Julia

This poor girl cannot catch a break. Just when she's on the upswing, she gets knocked down again.

You think baseball is a heartrbreaking sport? Try being a skating fan.

Nov. 2nd, 2016

For a while I've suspected something, and now I'm almost certain of it: I no longer have the attention span, the mental energy, or the interest to follow a TV series. Over the past few years I've had friends try to get me into "Foyle's War," "Call the Midwife," "Endeavour," "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," and I don't know how many more. Usually I'll give it a try, enjoy a few episodes, realize I don't care whether I ever find out what happens, and drift away.
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Oct. 23rd, 2016

Thanks for the kind comments about my dental woes! And now I owe you all a nice post to make up for the grumpy posts. So here, have a lovely (and gold-medal-winning!) skate from Alex and Maia Shibutani. I was just bowled over by this.

And bonus silver-medal-winning skate from Jason Brown! I've never been a Jason uberfan, but he did an AMAZING job here.

Oct. 20th, 2016

My dentist has perfected a torture technique: sticking me in a dark room for long periods of time time with "relaxing" music. I hate "relaxing" music. It does not relax me. It bores and irritates me. He's done it twice now, and this time I was so "relaxed" I was about to bolt through the wall like a comic strip character.

And as the point of the whole exercise was to get me used to the new appliance that's going to straighten my jaw, which I have to wear 24/7 EVEN WHEN EATING (yuck!), relaxation was probably never in the cards, anyway.

This sucks

Pardon my French, but I'm bummed. My favorite male skater* is sitting out this season (and possibly longer). My favorite female skater* has a crappy long program this year, and is dealing with injury, and is generally struggling. Skating season has barely begun, and already it SUCKS.

Maybe I should switch to baseball. Those fans seem to be having a great time!

*Current favorite, not all-time favorite!


I don't know what to do about bulbs this year. My mom suggested leaving the daffodil bulbs to come up again (we know they can do this, because there are some scattered out in the woods, courtesy of the squirrels, that come up year after year) and just buying new tulip bulbs. But as we didn't dig any of them up last year -- just cut off all the foliage -- I'm worried we won't be able to tell daffodils from tulips, or we'll wind up planting bulbs on top of bulbs, or or or. (I know you can dig up and re-use tulilp bulbs, at least theoretically, but that takes a lot of care I don't have time to give them, and a lot of storage space that I don't have either.)

Does anyone have experience with bulbs? How would you handle this?

3 Fictional Characters meme

I haven't seen anyone doing this on LJ yet, but it's all the rage on Facebook. I did one, but then I slightly rethought my choices, so I'm redoing it here! The idea is simple: Describe yourself in three fictional characters.

I choose . . .
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Sep. 29th, 2016

Just wanted to show you the poster my parents got me for my birthday! It's "The Staircase of the Opera" by Louis Beroud, and I've been wanting it for years!

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