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I'm working on that Dreamwidth import thing, but it's going slowly because there's some sort of glitch (as always when I try to handle technology). While we're getting that worked out, would you all please let me know in the comments if you have a DW account, and what it's called, so I can make sure to friend you once I'm over there? Thanks!

Looking back

As we writers are prone to feeling like we've never done enough, I thought it might be good for the morale to look back over the year and see just how much I've actually published.

So we have:
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R.I.P. Debbie Reynolds

This one . . . this one hits hard. This one's finally got me believing maybe 2016 really is cursed.

All three leads of my favorite movie are now gone. Rest well, Debbie, Gene, and Donald.

Go see 'La La Land'

I mean it. Go see it. Especially if you love Old Hollywood or jazz (you don't have to love both -- you really don't have to love either, but it'll enhance the experience if you do). It's such a good movie, and the music is to die for! The dancing, too.

I could wish Emma Stone had a somewhat stronger singing voice -- everyone else sounded very professional, including Ryan Gosling, and you couldn't help but notice that she didn't -- but I understand why they cast her. That role was absolutely perfect for her. If I didn't know it had been written for someone else, I'd swear it was written for her. Also, I could use a fanfic writer to fix one thing. (I tried to do a spoiler tag but I don't think it's working properly, so I'll just be as vague as possible.)

Other than that, though, it was just great.

Dec. 6th, 2016

For once in my life, I'm happy about multiple Grammy nominations! (Seriously, this NEVER happens!) Some of my favorite artists and albums and songs this year actually got nominated. Like these:
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Dec. 1st, 2016

Kind of a rough day . . . but I helped my neighbor find her missing foster kitten (she'd gotten stuck in the loose lining under the sofa).

So it wasn't all bad. :-) 

Major Gilmore Girls spoilers ahead

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a nice day!

And for those of you who celebrate it, a very happy Gilmore Girls Revival Day tomorrow. :-) I can't believe I'm nervous about it. About a TV show! I won't say what I'd like to happen, or what I'd like not to happen, because I've already been through enough Gilmore Girls-related online debates and don't have energy left for any more. I just hope all my favorite characters end up in a good place!

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