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So other than my little rant yesterday (sorry about that, I was in a bad mood :-) ), I haven't posted much lately. A few quick updates: Phantom, kittens, and godchildrenCollapse )
I've decided the worst thing about the new LJ format is the headlines on the side. As if trending headlines on Facebook weren't enough of a study in asininity, now we get them here too. "Johnny Depp sends his first set of payments from Amber Heard divorce settlement to charities"! "Taylor Swift wishes Blake Lively a happy birthday!" WHOOP DE FREAKING DO. If we have to have the things, couldn't they be about something substantial or at least interesting?

Kitten update

Two of these little guys got adopted. My neighbor (who's been going to the Humane Society to visit them) reports that the other one was not happy about it. :-( I hope someone takes him soon.

But she's got two new foster kittens at her house, and I can go see them as soon as they get over a case of giardia! I'm thinking of putting Kitten Socialization Specialist on my business cards.
Gina's First Rule of Hair Coloring:

If you get your hair the perfect shade, and pamper it and nurture it with the very best color-safe shampoo you can find, it'll still start fading in a matter of days.

If you get your hair way, way, WAY too dark, and you try to lighten it by washing every day with El Cheapo non-color-safe shampoo and apple cider vinegar, nothing will induce it to fade.

Bright spot

At least this summer has had its occasional bright spots -- like these little guys. Meet Butch, Cassidy, and Sundance. :-) They're foster kittens that my neighbor has been taking care of, and they were so shy at first that she wanted help socializing them, so I had a standing invitation to come over and play with them. Best gig ever!

They go to the Humane Society shelter tomorrow, to be put up for adoption, and I'm happy to report they are no longer shy. Quite the contrary!

Jun. 5th, 2016

Just wanted to thank you all for the nice comments about the book. I confess I chuckled a bit over the comments that "it went so fast!" I guess it must have seemed fast, going by what I said here, but the truth is, I've been working on that book for literally years. It was only after I got the agent and the offer from the publisher that everything really accelerated.

All the more reason I'm thrilled to be done writing it! Of course lots of edits and revisions are before me, but editing is very different from actually having to create the thing.


Good news!

I finished writing the book today!



Happy National Tap Dance Day!

There's a blogathon over here in honor of the day. I was supposed to contribute, but had to bow out because I've had no time for anything but the book lately. But I recommend reading it anyway. There are some really good pieces!

P.S. Hmm, my gifs don't seem to be gifing. Wonder what that's about . . .

You're a tease, Disney!

I kept an eye on "Good Morning America" today to catch the premiere of the new Beauty and the Beast trailer. (And that is no easy feat. Those morning shows are so vapid, I could hear my brain cells begging for mercy.) And this was all we got!

I mean, it's gorgeous and atmospheric and tantalizing and all, but we still hardly see anything!
Mom's home! No one thought she would be home so soon after surgery on Monday, but they reckoned without the force of nature that is my mother. Number one, she's incredibly healthy (must be all the vitamins), and number two, she hates being in the hospital. I mean HATES. I mean HAAAAAAAAAAAATES. I think if they hadn't released her today, she would have tunneled her way out with a spoon.

So she's home with her heart valve all fixed, and doing very well, though of course very tired. Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes! They really helped!

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